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Newly renovated and re-opened in early 2019, the Carringbush Hotel is ­now lighter and brighter whilst retaining a classic pub feel. our focus on sustainability brings the pub to the forefront of environmentally conscious drinking and dining.



Publicans Liam Matthews, Joel Morrison & Singa Unlayati of Fitzroy’s beloved Old Bar re-opened the Carringbush Hotel in early 2019 after months of renovation.

The pub now boasts an extensive public bar full of natural light, two dining rooms, an enclosed courtyard beer garden and kerbside tables.


The public bar features two big-screen televisions with Foxtel showing live sports: Aussie Rules Football, NRL, cricket and more. Punters can partake in the pub’s social events, trivia nights, board game tournaments or get involved in the Carringbush Unicorns Pub Cricket team.

There are 22 craft beer taps to please all tastes and every week we infuse beer with flavour-enhancing ingredients in our Randall. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to check out our weekly Randall recipe, happy hour deals, lunch specials and more.


We’re excited to host regular exhibitions by local artists with artwork available to purchase.

If you’re an artist and you’d like to exhibit with us please get in touch!




Carringbush Hotel is proud to be featured on the City of Yarra’s Zero Waste Map.

We are working hard to be a pub that enjoys the benefits of delicious food and drink, without costing the earth.

Our menus have been carefully prepared to a high standard that supports small and independent local business suppliers, minimising our environmental footprint by reducing freight.

We prepare only vegetarian and vegan food with minimal preservatives – reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and all our organic waste is donated for composting at a local community garden. Head Chef Roxanne Olsen brings her ten years of culinary experience to the fore, having meticulously curated our meat-free menu. Roxanne and her team ensure that all dishes live up to the pub’s sustainability ethos, without sacrificing flavour.

Serving (only) tap beer reduces glass, plastic, aluminium and cardboard usage and the introduction of wine on tap for our by-the-glass selection reduces wastage that occurs when open bottles go down the drain. All our aluminium kegs are washed and re-filled.

All paper products used – serviettes, paper towel and toilet paper are made from 100% recycled paper, with no dyes, scents or inks. metal straws are available at the bar.

Three open fireplaces warm the pub in Winter and in Summertime our air conditioning comes from the lowest emitting unit available, using environmentally friendly gas.

We’re committed to continually find new and innovative ways to be environmentally sustainable across all aspects of the business.



The Carringbush Hotel site was first occupied in 1870 by the Langridge Family Hotel. It was replaced by the newly built Friendly Societies Hotel in 1889.


Traditionally friendly societies were welfare providers – offering financial and social support to workers who would pay a small regular membership fee.

If a member became ill and wasn’t able to work, their Friendly Society would step in to assist financially. Regular meetings provided emotional and social support and fostered community.

The Societies existed across many different occupational streams, and William Nichols who was the original owner and publican of the Friendly Societies Hotel, was a member of many, as well as being an active freemason. In the early 1900’s The hotel was a social space for members and became a meeting place for several Masonic groups.

Friendly Societies across the country were eventually replaced by government welfare and many amalgamated to form financial institutions offering health insurance and superannuation. But the social aspect of the pub remained with it’s reputation as a locals meeting place with a solid sense of community.


In 1950 the controversial novel: Power Without Glory was published. Set in the fictitious suburb of Carringbush which was based on suburbs of Abbotsford and Collingwood, it told a twisted tale of power and corruption amongst Melbourne’s most influential personalities and politicians.


Ellen Wren - wife of notorious Melbourne entrepreneur John Wren took a case of libel to court against book’s author - Frank J Hardy, claiming the main character in the book - John West - was based on her husband and that the book falsely alleged that she was having an extra-marital affair. The case became a national sensation provoking intense debate and uproar.

Hardy was eventually acquitted but it remains widely known that the character was indeed based upon Wren.

Wren’s infamous support of his beloved Collingwood Football Club is the stuff of folklore, and thanks to the book, magpies fans and commentators often nickname the collingwood team: the Carringbush.

Today the Carringbush Hotel’s new branding includes an illustrated wren - a nod to the story and the character that gave the pub it’s name.

Throughout it’s many incarnations, the Carringbush Hotel has remained a favourite amongst Abbostford locals and the Collingwood faithful.

If you know more about the history of the pub, contact us - we’d love to hear it!


Carringbush Unicorns Cricket Club


The Carringbush Unicorns are the proud cricket wing of the Old Bar Unicorns football team.

As part of the Yarra Pub Cricket Association, the Unicorns gather for weekly matches against other legendary local pub teams from the Standard Hotel, the Vic, The Union, The Evelyn, Dan O’Connell, Royston, Terminus, Royal Derby, North Fitzroy Arms, Little Hop, the Curtin, Gasometer, The Rose, the Rainbow and the Pinnacle hotel.

Pub Cricket is casual, social and most of all - fun! Train and play as often as you can, and you don’t have to wear whites. Any and all are welcome to join the club so ask at the bar next time you’re at the pub to sign up for the 2020 Summer Season.



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“…The Carringbush Hotel is far from your average pub, it’s modern, with an old-school pub vibe. Perfect for families and friends.”


“This Abbotsford waterhole transforms into a veggo and eco-conscious eating and drinking destination…”


“Visitors to The Carringbush Hotel will find a new team at the helm and a new menu tempting tastebuds. Plenty of brews remain, obviously, but the food lineup is now completely vegan and vegetarian…”
Concrete Playground


“Focusing strongly on sustainability, its meat-free menu is largely vegan, all wine on tap, no packaged beer, eco-friendly reusable metal straws, ethical plates, environmentally friendly lighting and heating..”
Onya Magazine


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Land on which the Carringbush stands, and we pay our respects to their Elders - past, present & emerging and extend our respects to all Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander First Nations Peoples.